GHfind was founded in 2016, originally under the name Krobofind. It was conceived as a grassroots’ initiative whose primary mission is to increase the visibility of all levels (micro, small, medium, large) of Ghanaian businesses. Accordingly, the main purpose of this website is to feature an online-searchable database of Ghanaian businesses and institutions. And the ultimate goal of the project is to fill this database with as many related entities as possible.

GHfind offers to interested parties:

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GHfind does not actually sell any of the products which may be advertised on our site(s). The only thing we provide are the aforementioned services. As such we are not party to any issues that may arise between buyers and sellers whose contact information they ascertain from GHfind sites.


GHfind does not agree with doing business with fraudsters. Therefore such individuals are advised not to solict any GHfind services to publicize fake businesses or false products. If such a person(s) decides to do so anyway, the outcome will likely be unfavorable.

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