GHfind is a sole proprietorship founded by writer/webmaster Malcolm Aaron Whetstone in 2016. Initially the project was referred to as Krobofind.

This project is based primarily on the compilation of an online-searchable database of Ghanaian businesses and institutions. And the ultimate goal is to fill this database with as many related entities as possible.

GHfind was conceived as a grassroots’ initiative whose purpose is to increase the visibility of all levels of Ghanaian business entities. In the past the contact information of businesses and institutions was gathered mainly via face-to-fact interactions. However at the moment most information gathering is being conducted over the internet or via data collected from billboards and signposts.

GHfind can be found at the website address There is also a general news-aggregation subdomain, entitled GHfind News, which can be found at Lastly there is a GHfind blog, hosted by Google Blogger, which is primarily dedicated to chronicling the overall progress of the project. Said blog is currently situate at the addresss

Services which GHfind provide to interested clientele include freelance writing, website design, transcriptions and internet marketing.


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