GHfind is a sole proprietorship founded by webmaster Malcolm A. Whetstone in 2016. Initially the project was referred to as Krobofind.

GHfind is primarily centered on the compilation of an online-searchable database of Ghanaian businesses and institutions. And the ultimate goal is to fill this database with as many related entities as possible.

GHfind was conceived as a grassroots’ initiative whose main purpose is to increase the visibility of all levels (small, medium, large) of Ghanaian business entities.

GHfind can be found at the internet address There is also a news-aggregation subdomain, GHfind News, which is situate at Moreover there is a GHfind blog, hosted by Blogger, which is mostly dedicated to chronicling the progress of the project overall. Said blog is currently located at internet address or . And most recently another subdomain, GHfind Music, has been setup at URL The goal of the latter is to serve as a site whereas independent Ghanaian musicians can market their works online.

GHfind can be hired by interested clients to provide any of the following services:

• Website Design

• Creation & Maintenance of Social Media Pages

• Internet Marketing

• Freelance Writing

• Transcriptions

Also advertising space can be acquired on any of the aforementioned GHfind sites.

For more information about GHfind and/or the services we provide, please contact us.

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